Trading account verification or KYC

The procedure of documentary confirmation of the client's personal data, which is an integral part of the registration of a trading account. KYC is an abbreviation that stands for "know your customer" or "know your customer" in English. KYC describes the user verification process that allows companies to identify their customers.

Verification process

This process is available in all financial institutions and companies and ensures the protection of personal data and customer accounts

The broker is obliged to meet all the requirements of the financial market regulator, which requires the broker to report on all financial transactions, if the account is not verified, the broker cannot withdraw money and provide the service

Verification is usually carried out directly on the broker's platform, and if any problems or difficulties suddenly arise, the support service will solve them as soon as possible

Verify your account

Verify your account to have unlimited access to all our services, including additional bonuses and other interesting offers

The verification procedure consists of two levels. To pass the first level, you need to send us a picture of your valid passport, ID card or driver's license to verify your identity. At the second level, you need to upload an image of a document confirming your address.


If we consider the situation on behalf of companies that implement KYC, then this is not their whim. Verification is more like a regulatory norm that helps fight crime and money laundering.

The KYC and AML policies can be found in the Section
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