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WebTrader MT4

trade on financial markets directly from your browser

Best trading platform

Web platform MetaTrader 4 will allow you to trade currency pairs, stocks and futures through any browser. All you need for successful web trading is an Internet connection. This is the same MT4 platform you are used to, only now available directly in your browser.

Benefits of WebTrader MT4

  • Just like the desktop version, WebTrader MT4 offers users many trading features.
  • The platform is suitable not only for an experienced and advanced trader. Clear design, user-friendly interface, which even a beginner will understand. WebTrader MT4 does not need to download and allocate space for it, the platform works online.
  • WebTrader MT4 - will help you trade from the comfort of your home! Trade through browsers convenient for you without leaving your computer or phone.

WebTrader functionality

You can buy various assets, as if they were stocks, bonds, indices or other securities, with the press of a single key. WebTrader MT4 allows you to do technical analysis, set various patterns and indicators, in addition, you can use fundamental analysis. You can rely on the decision of more experienced traders and make a trade in the same direction.

Quick access and full control

With just one click your platform MetaTrader 4 WebTrader opens in a new window. This gives you instant access to trading - anywhere, anytime!

And for efficient work and high-quality results, there is everything you need: market and pending orders, take profit and stop loss, partial closure, transaction history and charts.

WebTrader MT4 peculiarities

  • Direct access through all modern browsers.
  • Data transfer with strong encryption.
  • Complete trading history.
  • 30+ indicators.
  • 9 different timeframes.
  • Customizable price charts.
  • Real-time quotes in Market Watch.

Invest profitably

Each person is looking for ways to protect their funds from inflation or multiply them several times. Every day, trillions of dollars are circulating on the stock market, banks, companies, various enterprises invest, but ordinary people can invest. On Lightmarkets, you can invest in a variety of assets: stocks, bonds, indices, forex, cryptocurrency, precious metals, oil, etc.

Is it possible to trade with little or no experience?

Many people wonder if it is possible to invest or trade on the stock exchange for a beginner or a person who does not have any experience?
Of course you can! The platform has opportunities for a wide variety of levels of traders. You can learn how to analyze a chart, set up patterns and indicators on a demo account. After learning on a demo account, the broker will tell you about hedging, trading strategy, scalping, etc. if you want to understand the topic is very easy. WebTrader MT4 is a very simple trading platform, it will take you by the hand from a beginner to a professional trader.

What is WebTrader MT4 and do I need experience to trade through this platform?

WebTrader MT4 is an innovative platform designed for beginner traders. Easy and understandable interface that even a person who has no idea about the topic can understand. There is no need to download any applications, assets are traded directly from the browser. You only need a device with internet access. It is possible to track and conclude transactions in real time, as well as receive notifications about the situation on the market. Everything is as simple and clear as possible! Take your future into your hands today, start trading in WebTrader MT4 and provide yourself with a carefree life!