Experience. Knowledge. Honesty.

We are a team of professionals who could not stay aside from the turmoil in the marketplace. Lightmarkets wants to be an example for traders: beginners and those who have been in business for a long time. Lightmarkets strives to be whoever they want to see, or nobody.

Наша история

Lightmarkets entered the investment world with one principle in mind: this market needs a new hero. This market needs Lightmarkets.

We are not talking about our age - we launched the project in 2021! But experience is our value!

We want to become the industry leader, which is why we have assembled a team of experienced professionals.

We understand how important reputation is for a new project like ours. Therefore, we are loyal to our customers and maintain high quality services.

Наша история

Based on the experience of the past, solutions of the present
and ideas of the future, we have put together high-quality
functionality in order to effectively trade in the market together.
Move forward, improve and create a new
world of fair trading.

These are our tenets for working with every
client who is charged with achieving results.
We pride ourselves on our high standards of service.
Our client base is constantly expanding,
but we do not stop there!

Stable and reliable broker


Convenient interface

A simple, and most importantly user-friendly interface that is available on any device


Minimum commissions

Minimum size
make trading more enjoyable


Popular assets

The ability to trade the most demanded and liquid assets thanks to global trends


Partnership opportunity

Hedge Fund gives clients the opportunity to become our partners


Convenient withdrawal

Safe and convenient ways to withdraw and replenish funds



Modern, reliable security protocols protect your money


Actual news

Only the latest news daily
on the screens of your


Profitable terms

Margin trading conditions help increase your profits


Employee certification

Live streaming and training as a way to transfer knowledge from certified employees


“We came to the sphere to create a new page in the history of trading and to become a catalyst for the development of the financial sphere as a whole. We want to restore faith in making money on the Internet using the principles of Honesty and Transparency, as well as rid the market of unscrupulous participants."

It’s not important whether you’re right or wrong, it’s how much money you make when you’re right and how much you lose when you’re wrong.

— Larry Williams —