Fast start

Fast start

How to start making money in the financial markets with a minimum starting capital

Buy cheaper - sell more expensive

Every day, the price of assets fluctuates from one mark to another, whether it is an increase or a decrease. This makes it possible to earn on stocks, bonds, metals and other assets. You can earn in two ways: on a fall or rise in the price of an asset.

Everyone will be able to realize themselves in this area. It is enough to monitor the price and buy or sell an asset at the right time. For example, you have chosen a share of a company for yourself and want to buy it. At the moment, its price is 7 dollars a piece, and after a few weeks the price is already 15 dollars a piece, and you decide to sell it. Congratulations! You earned $8 per share. The difference between the buy and sell price is your profit.

Minimum investment

You don't need to have a lot of capital to start trading. Anyone can use leverage and trade impressive amounts. This allows you to buy shares for $30,000 and deposit only $300.

Where to begin

About 75 million people trade on the financial market every day. Their experience shows that using a certain system, you can increase your capital by several dozen times.

First you need to choose a trading platform that is convenient for you. The trading platform is needed in order to:

  • receive information about current asset prices;
  • conclude transactions for the purchase or sale of assets without leaving home;
  • use useful services for analytics and making accurate forecasts.

The trading platform provides access to all trading instruments from one interface. And the golden rule - bought cheaper and sold more expensive - applies to any of them.

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