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Trader's dictionary

The Trader’s Dictionary contains explanations of many of the financial terms that successful traders use on a daily basis. This Glossary covers over 200 terms related to the world of finance and trading. Knowing the terms and understanding their meanings will help you learn about trading.

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There are currently 19 names in this directory beginning with the letter T.

T is the ticker symbol for AT&T Inc.

Take profit
Take profit - literally “take profit”, a pending order that fixes the profit planned by the trader.

Technical analysis
Technical analysis - a way of analyzing price movements and forecasting using technical indicators.

Technical indicator
Technical indicator - a mathematical formula into which historical prices and/or volumes are substituted, in the form of lines, histograms, dots, etc., located on the price chart. Technical indicators show the trader the direction of the market, entry points, measure volatility, etc.

Tick - updating the price of an instrument traded on the exchange. Unlike a pip, a tick shows not a unit of change in the quote, but the very fact of a change, which can occur even by several pips if there are no counter transactions between price levels. For example, if the market is updating the price from 105.005 to 105.008, bypassing the levels 105.006 and 105.007 (there were no volumes), then we say that the price has changed by 3 pips per 1 tick.

Ticker - a letter code (abbreviated name) of an exchange or over-the-counter instrument. For example: EUR (Euro), BRN (Brent oil), AAPL (Apple), MSFT (Microsoft), etc.

Timeframe - a time period of price movement, reflected on the charts as a single vertical element.

TMUS is the ticker symbol for T-Mobile US.

Trader - literally "merchant", a participant in financial markets, seeking to earn on the difference in prices.

Trading platform
Trading platform is software for a trader on which you can analyze charts and make trades.

Trading session
A trading session is a period of time within a trading day when a particular financial center or region is active. There are 3 main sessions: Asia-Pacific, London (European) and New York (American).

Trading system
A trading system is a set of trading rules according to which transactions are made in the market.

Trading terminal
A trading terminal is a program, or some kind of software, where a trader makes transactions to buy or sell financial instruments. The most popular trading terminals: MetaTrader 4, 5, Quik, JForex.

Trailing stop
Trailing stop is a stop loss level that automatically follows the price movement at a distance specified by the trader in points.

A transaction is a transaction between two participants in financial markets.

A trend is a stable direction of price movement. Also called a trend. The direction of trends is determined using trend indicators, for example: SMA, EMA, MACD and others.

TSLA is the ticker symbol for Tesla, Inc.

TWTR is the ticker symbol for Twitter, Inc.