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The Trader’s Dictionary contains explanations of many of the financial terms that successful traders use on a daily basis. This Glossary covers over 200 terms related to the world of finance and trading. Knowing the terms and understanding their meanings will help you learn about trading.

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There are currently 18 names in this directory beginning with the letter A.

AAL is the ticker symbol for the American Airlines Group.

AAPL is Apple's ticker.

ABBV is the ticker symbol for AbbVie Inc.

ADBE is the ticker symbol for Adobe Inc.

AEX is the main stock index of the Netherlands, which includes the 25 largest companies by capitalization, whose shares are listed on the Euronext Amsterdam exchange.

Affiliation is the joining of a company to another organization, which from that moment acts as a parent for the first. When trading on financial markets, affiliation can be considered within the framework of mergers and acquisitions (M&A, Mergers and Acquisitions), which may cause changes in stock prices due to market redistribution.

Algorithmic trader
Algorithmic trader is a trader used in the operation of algorithmic and robotic trading systems.

Algorithmic trading
Algorithmic trading is a method of working in financial markets using algorithms - automatic robotic programs that are able to fully or partially make trading decisions.

AMZN is the ticker symbol for Amazon.

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Ask is the price in the order book at which a trader can open a buy trade.

Assets - in accounting, this is a part of the balance sheet that characterizes the composition and value of the property owned by the enterprise at the moment. In other words, these are the resources that belong to the enterprise: buildings, equipment, materials, intermediate and finished products, and others.

ASX (Australian Securities Exchange) - Australian Stock Exchange - the main stock and futures exchange in Australia.

ATR - Average True Range - an indicator that shows the strength or weakness of the price movement (volatility).

AUD is the ticker for the Australian dollar.

Averaging is a position management method in which the position volume increases as the price moves in the direction against the deal, i.e. as the loss on the position increases. Averaging is one of the main causes of large losses and is not recommended for use (English averaging). There is also a saying “Losers average losers” (losers average losing trades).

AXP is the ticker symbol for American Express.